Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm going places!

The little man is mobile...
brace yourselves!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peaceful protest


Lately Scarlett has developed a new and interesting form of protest. She does not engage in the full tilt hissy-fit--she's way too cool for that. When she decides that she has had enough, she simply lays her body prostrate. Wherever we are (even gross floors like the doctor's office) she just goes completely limp. This is a particularly powerful weapon, as I am often carrying around her not-yet-moblie younger brother. I then must resort to dragging her floppy body where I need it to go and threatening her through clenched teeth. I have already been chastised by several 'helpful' people about not allowing her to lay there, as if I hadn't noticed the filth layer just beneath her stubborn little cheek. It is not like I approve of my daughter laying face down in the dairy isle, library lobby, and worst of all women's locker room--clearly I am just outwitted. While I do prefer this kind of peaceful protest to the screaming tantrum favored by most of her peers, I do worry that her little arm might get pulled right out of socket! At the end of the dat though, I secretly admire the creativity and determination that she already possessess in spades. I imagine all of the great things she might accomplish one day.
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