Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Luckiest girl in the world

Every Monday evening I have grad school and it is definitely not my favorite thing to do. Nate and Scarlett are hangin' out together, not writing boring papers, while I toil away. Last night, tired and hungry, I was amazed to see that Nate was preparing the most beautiful and delicious pizza I had ever seen. It was piled high with three inches of yummy Greek toppings and tasted like a 3 week Mediteranian vacation! He was able to prepare this despite Scarlett's bad temper (justifiably so--she just had her shots) and dangerously low kitchen supplies (still haven't made it to the grocery store). It put Papa John's to shame. I often tease Nate becasue he makes the most elaborate and tasty meals, but can take hours to prepare and the kitchen could be condemned afterwards. But I am going to shut my mouth from now on!! Gone are the days of Hamburger Helper!! (By the way, he may have made a mess, but left a spotless kitchen.) I am the luckiest girl in the world to have married Nate. Now if I could show a little self control and quit hogging the pizza, it'd be great. (I don't know how to quit you, pizza)

And of course it is time for another Scarlett picture...our big girl is now in the 95th percentile for both height and weight!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ahhh Spring

Yesterday I got so excited for spring that I began my garden! I started my little seeds in their trays and put some bright yellow Pansies on the front porch. Now I will water my little trays of dirt as I eagerly wait for the miraculous green sprouts. There is something so rewarding about watching a seed become a plant! Then when it bears fruit it is the best tasting food there ever was. This year I will have tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. I am already imagining that first salad of the summer when I can proudly say, "I grew those!"

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I just celebrated my 28th birthday. I still had to work. I still had to grocery shop and make dinner. I didn't get to wear a paper hat, feather boa, or a party dress.

But my students made me a card and gave me a new pencil sharpener and a candle.

I got to talk to my mom, my sister and my best friend all in one day.

Nate gave me a chocolate cake, staple gun (that I asked for) and my favorite perfume--Chanel No5 (that I would never ask for). He also delivered a card from Scarlett that made me cry.

All in all I had a great day. Especially when I realized that soon I could plan birthday parties for Scarlett that involved paper hats, feather boas and party dresses!

By the way, check me out rockin' the Dorothy Hammil haircut on my Ronald McDonald birthday!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rolling over and other tricks

With great pride, I watched Scarlett roll over for the first time the other day. It had been a bad day, with my car not starting, tow truck driver getting lost, boss observing me in class (while my cell rang 3 times), arguing with service managers about why they should come pick me up at work, and spit-up down my dress. When I finally made it home from work with Scarlett, we just laid out the blanket and relaxed. My head was pounding and I was absorbed by the stress of the day. Then Scarlett rolled over, and I cheered and she laughed and did it again and again. She even did it for me on video! Instantly all of the pressure of the day was gone and remembered that my most important job--motherhood--was going just fine and the boss seemed pretty pleased. Watch Scarlett roll over!!