Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot as blazes!

It was another hot one today...
My parents and siblings came out to check out my new digs and we trecked all over to take in the sights. It was fun showing off the place and it was even better to relax and enjoy the day with them. My favorite part was when Scarlett mounted the shiny metal playground equipment and promptly reported to us "hot." We are no dummies, that's why we were sitting in the shade!
While Scarlett and I enjoyed out evening stroll, a little old lady chastised me for being pregnant in such heat. She let me know in no uncertain terms that in her day they had enough sense to stay in and keep their feet up. In her day they would not have accepted such foolishness. Just to be sure she had imparted every bit of wisdom she had, she also advised me that Scarlett needed her bangs trimmed.
Luckily for her, I get milder when the weather is this hot. The fiery side of me really wanted to advise her that her chin hairs were also in need of a trim. And that in my day we do not wear floral slippers as out-on-the-town wear.
Anyway Scarlett gave Mrs. Oldy McGuinty one of her dirtiest looks (and she's got some dirties) and I think that was message enough!
What is it about a pregnant belly that invites the advice of others anyway?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Its the little things

Well life has been a dizzying tumoult of change of recent!
There has been so much excitement and drama that I can honestly say that I have not been bored for a single moment in my recent memory.
We are in our new home and settling into the neighborhood. I am practicing becoming a real Baltimorian by calling everyone "Hon." I love that I can walk to just about anything I need and that I already know my neighbors. My little trellised oasis of roses in our back alley is one of my favorite places in the world now!
But it hasn't been exactly easy. Nate and I don't argue much. Or maybe I should say, we didn't argue much. Luckily we still love eachother as much--even when the other person is being crabby.
And six days after moving in, we had to put our kitchen remodel on hold (not before it was rendered unuseable of course...) because the bathroom floor had to be ripped out and replaced entirely. Luckily my handy husband and hardworking father-in-law dedicated their last two weekends to getting that problem fixed. I swore I wasn't going to complain, but after two weeks of being 8 months pregnant and having no flushing toilet in my home, I gave the "I've been a martyr" speech. Oh well, I tried.
But now there is a lovely new tile floor and fabulous flushing toilet. It is brand new and does not have any of the yucky-previous-owner germs. Plus, I did not crash through the floor while taking care of business in the bathroom, which was definitely going to happen if Nate had not taken care of the rotton floor problem.
All in all I have to say that I am a lucky girl!