Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rolling over and other tricks

With great pride, I watched Scarlett roll over for the first time the other day. It had been a bad day, with my car not starting, tow truck driver getting lost, boss observing me in class (while my cell rang 3 times), arguing with service managers about why they should come pick me up at work, and spit-up down my dress. When I finally made it home from work with Scarlett, we just laid out the blanket and relaxed. My head was pounding and I was absorbed by the stress of the day. Then Scarlett rolled over, and I cheered and she laughed and did it again and again. She even did it for me on video! Instantly all of the pressure of the day was gone and remembered that my most important job--motherhood--was going just fine and the boss seemed pretty pleased. Watch Scarlett roll over!!

1 comment:

lane said...

She's the absolute cutest!!!! It's soo exciting when they start doing stuff like that. Lane