Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Luckiest girl in the world

Every Monday evening I have grad school and it is definitely not my favorite thing to do. Nate and Scarlett are hangin' out together, not writing boring papers, while I toil away. Last night, tired and hungry, I was amazed to see that Nate was preparing the most beautiful and delicious pizza I had ever seen. It was piled high with three inches of yummy Greek toppings and tasted like a 3 week Mediteranian vacation! He was able to prepare this despite Scarlett's bad temper (justifiably so--she just had her shots) and dangerously low kitchen supplies (still haven't made it to the grocery store). It put Papa John's to shame. I often tease Nate becasue he makes the most elaborate and tasty meals, but can take hours to prepare and the kitchen could be condemned afterwards. But I am going to shut my mouth from now on!! Gone are the days of Hamburger Helper!! (By the way, he may have made a mess, but left a spotless kitchen.) I am the luckiest girl in the world to have married Nate. Now if I could show a little self control and quit hogging the pizza, it'd be great. (I don't know how to quit you, pizza)

And of course it is time for another Scarlett picture...our big girl is now in the 95th percentile for both height and weight!


Big Red Driver said...

Scarlett is too too cute!! To bad she has her grandmother's tongue issue.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those glasses are so cute. Who could have had such great taste to pick them out? :)
Did Scarlett get Grandma Kate's tongue or is she just licking her lips at the thought of that delicious pizza?

Emily said...

Just checking in from a link on your moms blog. (she's one of my blogs I check every day! She inspires me)

Your babygirl is gorgeous. (I'm sure I don't have to tell you that one.)

I have a son named Nate and he's the most thoughtful, sweet boy you ever could meet. At 11.5 I keep thinking, WHO in the world will be good enough to deserve this young man? So, it seems like Nates' are just all around GREAT.

Perri said...

Scarlett is beautiful & so is that pizza! I never wanted pizza so bad for breakfast in my life!!!!