Thursday, April 26, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Well Nate and I figured if we aren't getting any sleep, we might as well have fun while we are awake. We got a little reminder of home as we cheered the Red Sox on in their 6-1 victory over the O's! Scarlett was amazed by the first three innings and then slept through the rest. (This gave her just enough energy to wake for 2 hours at 2:30 am!!) Go Sox!


lane said...

sounds like scarlett takes after her cousin. layla slept about half way through a padres game in cali, despite the all the excitement

Big Red Driver said...

I guess Scarlett will have a bit more exposer to sports than you did growing up!

Kirk said...

Kara, I'm sorry but I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. Are you sure you didn't secretly steal my eggs?
(By the way, I think that's a totally awesome thing - now she'll always remind you of me!)
I love you!!!!