Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iron Girl

So I have decided to do it...
In order to transform this wimpy body into that of an athlete's I have decided to sign up and train for the iron girl triatahlon in August.

0.62 mile swim
17.5 mile bike
3.4 mile run
stop laughing
A diligent reader of this blog may remember that I tried swimming before and it was not my best work. I am most nervous about the swimming part, but I am also nervous about doing that much physical activity in one day!! I am the kind of girl who loved being on the volleyball team because all of my friends were, but was horrified when we had to run up and down the bleachers at practice. Most of my exercise these days involves delivering laundry from one floor to another or carrying the double stroller in and out of the house.
I know it will not be easy to convince this puffy, creaky, old body to get to work
but that's ok. I am excited to take on this new challange-to have this huge seemingly insurmountable goal. It is a good thing that I have almost a year to train, because I am going to need it!!!


Big Red Driver said...

Your iron body will go well with your iron mouth.
Pump it up baby!

Anonymous said...

Go Kara Go!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! If any one I know can do it, you would be her!! ;-)

Lane said...

It's a good thing you have a nurse for a sister!! I'll be cheering you on and be on standby for medical attention!!

justjuls said...

Go Kara!

Kirsten said...

Ohmigoodness! That's a goal and a half. I'm such a wimp, I whine about carrying the laundry. You're awesome!

smallgreenriver said...

Do you think you'll be able to take Nate then...?