Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ensley's a year old!

Today we celebrated Ensley's first birthday. Just to prove to me that he is a big boy, he took several steps on his own and insisted on feeding himself everything. He blew out his candle, ripped open his presents and paired up with his daddy to race his new matchbox cars on the track. Watching him be such a big boy made me proud of him and eager to see what this next year will bring. It also made me flash back to a year ago, when we first met. Just a whiff of a thing, swaddled up and asleep in my arms. I feel so blessed to have had this year with him. He is such a treasure to me--his dimpled smile, inquisitive nature and great sense of humor. As expected, I do feel like his babyhood went way too fast and I will miss dearly the time that we spent being so very close. But I am enjoying this too--this time of becoming his own little person. He's my little dude and he always will be! Happy Birthday Enny-Benny I love you!

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Kate said...

He's wonderful and I love him too!