Saturday, September 27, 2008


On Sunday Nate and I invited our family and friends to church to participate in our baby dedication, where we pledged to teach our children about God and acknowledge that they are a gift from Him. We promised to put our children on a path towards Him as they are His. It was a beautiful service and we had a great brunch afterwards (thanks so much to everyone for pitching for 20 is not as easy as you imagine it to be!) I had just been reading about Abraham and the gift he was given. God promised him a child even though he was very old. Finally after a very long wait, Abraham became a father at 100 years old. In the story, it is mentioned that Abraham and Sarai laughed at the news. I can only imagine how excited they must have been. Then when their precious son Isaac was a teenager, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son on the altar and offer him up. Abraham was faithful to do this and got his son up on the altar and was poised to be obedient when God spared Issac and produced a lamb to be sacrificed instead. Now I know that teenagers can be bratty, but this must have been so wrenching for Abraham. It was hard for me even to think about this. I dedicated my children to God, but could I truly offer them up like that? I pray that I am never asked to make that sacrifice. And now I can see what an amazing sacrifice God made when he sent Jesus to us.

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smallgreenriver said...

You are right. At 14 it might not seem as big a sacrifice as at, let's say, 10 or 20 or 30. The brunch was perfect, but the blessing was better.