Tuesday, September 30, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Recently I had "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music stuck in my head (don't ask me why, I credit it to sleep deprivation) and it occured to me that Julie Andrews' character had a very strange list, I mean mittens...who wears those past the age of 4 anyway? But then I realized I might have a few strange things on my list. I mean, The smile Ensley flashes at me and the adorable way Scarlett says "bless you, dude" are definitely among my favorite things, but there are also some strange things on my list...
finding a treasure in someone else's trash
ice and water on the door (I waited so long for this!)

my down comforter
the smell of wet pavement
Diet Pepsi Vanilla (it is so hard to find that when I do it makes my whole day!)

people falling down (I'm a bad person, i know, but nothing is funnier)
any song Bob Marley ever sang
my new jogging stroller

So I guess considering my list, whiskers on kittens aren't really that strange at all..

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Big Red Driver said...

You are one of my favorite things.