Thursday, January 22, 2009

adventures in potty land

I decided to take advantage of being stuck in the house and encourage Scarlett to potty-train. When we sat down for our morning "project" I made a little chart where Scarlett could put stickers when she used the potty. I was narrating the whole thing, explaining how we would use it. I even showed her the Dora stickers she could have. Surprisingly, she didn't seem all that interested--she would glace over at me but wasn't buying into the whole thing. I let it rest for a little while and then pulled it back out later. I asked her if she wanted to try to use the potty and she did. While she was sitting there, I gave her a sticker and told her we would put it on her potty chart. At this she started freaking out--screaming and running around (with her pants around her ankles). I asked her what was wrong, she yelled "No potty shark! Scarlett's afraid! Potty shark bite." And then I understood why she had no enthusiasm for the potty chart. After much explanation and enunciation, I did calm her down but she will NOT go on the potty. Poor little thing--I've probably given her a lifetime's worth of bathroom anxiety!

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