Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think it should be a law that all grocery stores have a few of those carts with the car in the front. It makes shopping with a toddler and a baby SO much better!! It would drastically reduce the number of carts abandonded as a result of a bored and screaming child.
Also any place that has a changing table in the women's room should also have them in the men's room. Nate had gotten out of some real stinkers with that one!
I am also in support of anything that can be a drive-through. I think the post office and wal-mart should consider this service.
And I would defintiely be able to try clothes or get a haircut if all stores had a play area. Just a thought...


Lane said...

all excellent ideas!!

Big Red Driver said...

And I bet you can't listen to your IPOD while you shop any more can you? I used to be so jealous of you for that.